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Kids ages three and up can find the greatest opportunities to experience things together every day in Traube Kids’ Court. And, of course, there’s also a packed holiday program: day trips, sports and action, games, fun and entertainment.

Activities scheduled for specific dates should be booked a month in advance. A weekly schedule of all other highlights is available.

A place to play, jump and laugh.

Active children have lots of space to play at Traube Kids' Court.

A place to play, jump and laugh.

Eat, cook, make it yourself.

We have a separate restaurant for kids, and they can learn how to prepare their own meal in a cooking class with Ms Kappler-Bangert. 

Eat, cook, make it yourself.

Action, exercise and adventure.

There are outstanding tours and fun outdoor activities on the agenda every day.

Action, exercise and adventure.


Are you looking for an adventure? ADVENTURE DAY ON THE MURG, for example, is a real nature experience. It starts with a morning walk through the fascinating Murg riverbed. Your journey will take you over rocks large and small, and those who dare can abseil from a 15-m high bridge. The next activity is rafting – equipped with paddle, lifejacket and helmet, we board our rafting boats and enjoy the wild kayak route. We even turn mini-golf into a fantastic adventure at ADVENTURE GOLF PARK in Enzklösterle. Here, people play mini-golf over wood chippings, water, dry walls or through a rocky field. An excursion to the new mini-golf course in Klosterreichenbach offers extra-wide courses with incredible obstacles.  

At the Mehliskopf and Hallwangen CLIMBING GARDENS, the sky’s the limit! You can climb from tree to tree fully equipped with harness, belt and helmet. Or would you rather ride Europe’s tallest roller coaster? Then it’s off to EUROPAPARK RUST. Germany’s largest leisure park is home to countless breathtaking sensations – like the original training station of the Mir space station, a haunted house, pirates and gladiators.  

The DOWNHILL CARTS AT MEHLISKOPF are perfect for anyone who likes to feel the wind through their hair. Our strong “bull carts” use the force of gravity to speed down the 500-m long race track. GO-KART RACING at the track in Sulz am Neckar is a fun, action-packed way to spend the day – and discover the professional racer in your little one. It’s a chance for them to practice coordinating concentration and dexterity. We also organise professional ARCHERY lessons on the roof of Traube Kids’ Court to teach kids how to hit the bull’s-eye with confidence using a sports bow.

Rosso und Rossinchen_schwebend_Strich


In our kids’ cookery school, we cook a delicious 3-course menu from high-quality organic products and under the guidance of professionals. In the following etiquette course, you can learn perfect table manners. Furthermore, you can look forward to great parties, barbecue evenings and a cool course in which you will learn how to mix cocktails. Certainly with a lot of fun and without alcohol.

Kids ages 5 to 15 have a unique opportunity to play with football legend Horst Köppel. At our four-day football camp, they will practice their technique, tactics and coordination. The kids will also enjoy a group lunch each day. The price includes a starter packet with a gym bag, jersey, trousers, socks, water bottle and ball. The kids only need to bring their shoes. Please register in advance. Price 119,–

10. to 14. August 2015

Cool moves and hot grooves that will make you set the dance floor on fire. Professional dancers Christine and Bernd Junghans help you learn the cool dance moves the pop stars use. Hip-hop, disco, standard or swing – this week has them all. At the end, you’ll be ready to perform on stage.

26. to 29. May 2015, 3. to 7. August 2015, 2. to 6. November 2015 

Raise the curtain for the renowned “Freiburger Puppenbühne”! On St Nicholas' Day, Dr Johannes and Karin Minuth will let the puppets dance in the wonderful play “Punchinello and Santa Claus ”. A fantastic event for theatre enthusiasts of all ages.

6. December 2015

Rosso und Rossinchen_fliegend_Strich

Discover our brand new kids playground!

Experience the traditional occupations of the Tonbach valley like raftsman or glas blower. The kids can follow the journey of the wood beginning at its roots to the final processing in a playful way.