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People who enjoy eating well are the best chefs.

People who like to eat well and aspire to cook outstanding cuisine are welcome in the Traube Tonbach cookery school.

People who enjoy eating well are the best chefs.

To the kitchen!

The group focuses on one culinary theme in the high-tech Gaggenau professional kitchen. Afterwards, they share the delicious results in a group meal.

To the kitchen!

Cooking is teamwork one can truly enjoy.

Everyone enjoys working with Henry Oskar Fried – from beginners to experienced cooking enthusiasts.

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Cooking is teamwork one can truly enjoy.

The joy of indulgence, a feel for the craft, an appreciation of good products, the motivation to learn and a love of shared experiences.

With its challenging cooking seminars, the Traube Tonbach cookery school has become the ideal destination for passionate cooking enthusiasts. Under the direction of head chef Henry Oskar Fried, you work on a culinary theme and prepare a multiple-course meal in our professional high-tech kitchen. The participants will learn and try out the techniques, tricks and standard recipes used in “grande cuisine”. When the cooking is done, they enjoy the fruits of their efforts in a delicious group lunch. Sommelier Stéphane Gass chooses the perfect wine to complement each course.

Download a complete list of all dates, themes and prices below:


21/05/14 Cooking class full time - Spring herbs from the northern Black Forest 160,-
15/06/14 Culinary Delights 26,-
16/06/14 Cooking class full time - Duet of green and white asparagus 170,-
14/07/14 Cooking class full time - Grilling fish, meat and vegetables 180,-
15/07/14 Cooking class full time - Baden asparagus and exotic fruit 180,-
11/08/14 Cooking class full time - Vegetable and fruit carving with Thai finger food 170,-
16/09/14 Cooking class full time- Variety of ingredients from local forests 180,-
10/11/14 Cooking class full time- Traditional St Martin’s Goose 180,-
01/12/14 Cooking class full time - Cooking with goose liver, truffles, oysters, caviar and champagne 360,-