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Here and now! Bhakti Yoga with Sabine Broghammer

Bhakti yoga cultivates the mindful and dedicated attention to the sensations of the body, mind, heart and soul. The yoga positions are practiced gently and consciously, bringing every aspect of one’s being into harmony with each breath. Sabine Broghammer has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and sees it as the basis for her personal philosophy of a life full of happiness and love. In Bhakti yoga, she leads her students back to the Anahata chakra, the energetic heart in the middle of the chest. It is only possible to find peace, joy and serenity when this point is connected to our inner self. The Bhakti Yoga Week provides renewed energy, regenerates the body, calms the mind and is emotionally healing. Experienced and amateur students of yoga are welcome. Sabine Broghammer creates a loving space for everyone in line with her belief: “Every student should be encouraged, but not overwhelmed.”