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Ancient trees, winding paths.

Baiersbronn is home to the most forests in Baden-Württemberg and has numerous hiking paths – spanning over 1,100 km.

Beautiful views, new horizons.

Splendid castles, historic highlights and cultural diversity to enjoy and explore. 

Beautiful views, new horizons.

Invigorating heights and picturesque lakes.

Traube is surrounded by mountains ranging from 800 to 1,000 metres in height, beautiful cirque lakes and spectacular waterfalls. 

Invigorating heights and picturesque lakes.

A thousand ways to relax.

The mild yet stimulating climate and serene natural surroundings delight the senses while invigorating your health.

A thousand ways to relax.

Stunning landscapes and cultural diversity to expand your horizons.

Visitors are drawn to the wild, romantic hiking trails, fascinating waterfalls, ravines and lakes, as well as the charming churches, monasteries and picturesque villages. They can also explore nearby cities on a trip to beautiful Baden-Baden or bustling Strasbourg.


The Black Forest National Park

The Black Forest National Park opened on 1 January 2014. It is an important contribution to protecting nature and biodiversity, and also invites guests to experience nature and its amazing processes first hand. 
This wonder of nature is just a few steps away from Traube Tonbach, and the most beautiful and exclusive trails start at our doorstep. Our guests will enjoy pure relaxation and truly unforgettable experiences with the wide variety of wellness, leisure and sporting activities we have to offer. 
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A hiking holiday in Tonbach Valley.

At Traube, the joy of hiking is just a few steps away