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Hiking in the Black Forest touches all the senses

The most beautiful and romantic hiking trails are at our doorstep – including the exclusive Murgleiter hiking trail between Baiersbronn and Gernsbach, named the loveliest premium hiking trail in Germany by the German Hiking Institute. Since January 2014 as well the Black Forest National Park - enjoy spectacular natural phenomena and a stunning variety of wildlife up close.

The joy of hiking.

Group hikes lead to spectacular vantage points.

The joy of hiking.

You've earned it.

A hearty snack of buttered pretzels, ham and nut schnapps awaits at the cabin.

You've earned it.

It's like a fairytale.


Sublime heights, lovely valleys, ancient forests. Hiking in the Black Forest is simply incredible - this is wanderlust.

It's like a fairytale.

High firs and cheerful songs.

Baiersbronn is the most densely wooded area in Baden-Wuerttemberg and it has countless and unique trails. During the week we will escort you several times to the most beautiful hiking-tours in our surrounding area. Experience pure wanderlust in the Black Forest, on peaks which offer wonderful views, alongside peaceful steams, on natural paths or on luscious meadows – during our tours you will experience the Black Forest and the National Park in its whole diversity. 

Hiking weeks – completely individual.

The whish for health and activity in nature adds a new sparkle to hiking. It is a sporty and fascinating pleasure for all ages. Our hiking weeks offer different thematic focuses, therefore you can choose a program which fits your interests, goals and requirements.

Our hiking weeks start on Mondays. Therefore, we recommend to arrive on Sunday. Five days a week we go hiking from Monday to Friday. As a guest of our hotel, the participation in our hiking tours is free of charge. 


During the ATHLETIC HIKING WEEK we hike at least 15 kilometers per day.
During the CULTURAL HIKING WEEK we want to surprise you with cultural highlights.
During the FEEL-GOOD HIKING WEEK we will hike no more than 10 kilometers per day.
During the “SEENSTEIG” HIKING WEEK we will hike to five cirque lakes and approximately 12 kilometers a day.
ALONG THE WAY IN THE NATIONAL PARK, each hiking tour (10 to 12 kilometers) is a small journey through wilderness.

Cultural hiking week

On three to five hiking days you can experience highlights such as: a visit to a monastery or a reading in the hoods.

Athletic hiking week

Our athletic hiking week is a challenge for ambitious hiker.

“Seensteig” hiking week

We will walk around Baiersbronn, along the calm banks of the enchanted cirque lakes, up to the top of the hills, past waterfalls and through smooth floodplains.  

Along the way in the National Park

We accompany you on five hiking days for exciting and interesting hiking tours through the National Park.

Feel-Good hiking week

You will experience relaxation, wellness and motion - our feel-good hiking weeks are for everybody.

The joy of the Black Forest.

ex 395 € per person

Take a deep breath, relax, and experience nature.