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Heavenly hiking

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Baiersbronn is home to the most forests in Baden-Württemberg and boasts over 550 km of beautiful hiking paths—stretching from Schönmünzach in the Murg valley (460 metres above sea level) right up to the Schwarzwaldhochstraße (1,100 metres above sea level). The most magnificent experiences nature has to offer await you on the eight themed hiking loop trails: wild, romantic trails and captivating valleys, calm moors and crystal-clear lakes, breathtaking views and cosy cabins.

The excellent Murgleiter premium hiking trail runs right by our front door, inviting you on a fun-filled afternoon of discovery. This is also where you will set off with our nature and hiking enthusiasts Rosi Haist, Gottlieb Züfle and Björn Deinert.

Options include a summer’s Seensteig hike, an autumn walk with packed lunch or a winter tour on snowshoes.