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A fine balance of strengths.

Traube invites everyone who wants more energy, harmony and beauty in their lives to try yoga.

A fine balance of strengths.

Start the day with yoga.

Our experienced yoga instructors Sabine Broghammer, Dagmar Buhler and Karina Wagner will take you on a fascinating journey to absolute well-being. 

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Start the day with yoga.

Reveal your inner light.

Practice mindfulness, leave stress behind and rediscover joy, happiness and serenity: "Days of the Heart" with Karina Wagner.

Reveal your inner light.

Do you want to be more flexible? Reduce stress? Radiate natural beauty? Then come to yoga.

Bhakti yoga with Sabine Broghammer

Bhakti yoga cultivates the mindful and dedicated attention to the sensations of the body, mind, heart and soul. Sabine Broghammer has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years and sees it as the basis for her personal philosophy of a life full of happiness and love. The Bhakti Yoga Week provides renewed energy, regenerates the body, calms the mind and is emotionally healing. Experienced and amateur students of yoga are welcome.

Awaken your inner beauty. "Days of the heart" with Karina Wagner

“People radiate beauty when their heart radiates happiness.” The experienced yoga instructor invites you to experience beautiful days of asanas, meditation, healing, tranquillity and transformation. Karina Wagner is an international therapist and travelling master – this is a recognised term for healers, body-workers and coaches who have taken qualifications in at least six different countries. The title has only been given to 13 people around the world.

Actively aware. Yoga and mountain biking with Dagmar Buhler

Discover the art of tranquillity, the power of movement and the serenity of yoga during an active week of yoga with Dagmar Buhler. The experienced Hatha yoga, Prana Flow and Vinyasa Flow teacher from Switzerland combines the gentle yet efficient practice of yoga with dynamic mountain bike rides through the Black Forest. Experienced and amateur yoga students alike are welcome to discover their sense of well-being with Dagmar Buhler.

Pilates Power

ex 739 € per person

Three active and inspiring days to move and get in top shape.