A fine balance of strengths.

Traube invites everyone who wants more energy, harmony and beauty in their lives to try yoga.

A fine balance of strengths.

Start the day with yoga.

Our experienced yoga instructors Sabine Broghammer, Dagmar Buhler and Karina Wagner will take you on a fascinating journey to absolute well-being. 

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Start the day with yoga.

Do you want to be more flexible? Reduce stress? Radiate natural beauty? Then come to yoga.

It is your time. Turn it into unforgettable experience.

During the year 2016 we will offer several times very special Yoga weeks with our experienced teachers Iris Mahler, Sabine Broghammer and Dagmar Buhler.

Our yoga weeks always start on Monday, which is why we recommend that you arrive on Sunday. On Sunday evening, we host a “get-together aperitif” to get to know each other and introduce the week’s activities.  The participation in the Yoga lessons is free of charge for you, as a guest of the hotel. 


A new addition to the programme: comprehensive, intensive training for men and women. bodyART is a targeted combination of yoga, functional training and Pilates which integrates active and passive movements as well as elements of tension and relaxation. All exercises work together to improve people’s strength, flexibility, heart, circulation and breathing. The class starts on Monday with a gentle introduction, giving you all of the basic information you need about bodyART. The training intensifies over the course of the week with a variety of different focus areas, such as the back, core, yoga-inspired exercises, deep muscle work and fascial training. This week is designed for beginners as well as advanced students, and will help you achieve a new, more powerful body consciousness. Experience how these extensive training sessions, featuring high-impact exercises and active relaxation phases, complement each other perfectly – giving your body, spirit and soul a refreshing new start.

DATES: 25th January to 29th January | 29th February to 4th March | 10th October to 14th October | 14th November to 18th November


“The power of yoga lies beyond what our eyes can see. If we practice our exercises with mindfulness and without judgment, yoga can be a powerful tool for a clear mind and an open heart,” explained Sabine Broghammer. The friendly yoga teacher and internationally experienced specialist has travelled throughout Germany and abroad for over 20 years, and guides you through an eventful, yet enjoyable yoga week for beginners and advanced students. In daily exercises, you will experience in-depth balance and learn poses that give you a lasting feeling of inner satisfaction and well-being. “Yoga with LOVE” invites you to start each day with breathing exercises, elements from Hatha Yoga, Kundalini (detox) Yoga and flowing energy exercises for a vigorous morning practice. Aranja Yoga exercises integrate calm, yet intense movements for an enjoyable afternoon workout.

DATES: 11th January to 15th January | 14th March to 18th March | 23rd May to 27th May | 25th July to 29th July | 12th September to 16th September | 12th December to 16th December


Dagmar Buhler combines dynamic power yoga with the conscious quality of Vinyasa Flow. Each day starts with a gentle morning session, and the afternoon hour focuses on powerful dynamic sequences. Each hour is followed by deep relaxation. The goal of the power yoga week for beginners and advanced students is to carefully work towards more fitness, endurance and serenity. The yoga weeks in June and August are ideal for anyone who wants to get to know yoga. LIGHT SUMMER YOGA invites you to learn the most important yoga foundations, basic asanas and breathing and relaxation exercises. A group walk through the forest puts the finishing touch on this beautiful experience..

DATES: 15th February to 20th February | 11th April to 16th April | 6th June to 11th June | 22nd August to 27th August | 21st November to 26th November