More than one gourmet restaurant in the Black Forest.

For decades, the tranquil Black Forest has celebrated the love of sophisticated cuisine with a great deal of dedication and passion. There are four outstanding restaurants in the region, with the famous Schwarzwaldstube leading the way. The Black Forest's leading gourmet restaurant is one of best in fine dining today.

So much to enjoy...

Four sophisticated restaurants, one kitchen director, three head chefs, two sous chefs, 25 cooks, seven pastry chefs, 30 interns and countless awards.

So much to enjoy...

You won't ever want to leave.

The Blockhütte is a popular place for hikers to meet for a small snack on the way back to the hotel.

You won't ever want to leave.

It's like heaven.

At Schwarzwaldstube one of Europe's most renowned cuisine awaits you.

Warm, delicious and authentic.

Our historic Bauernstube interprets regional specialties in an elegant way.

An homage to diversity.

We offer a wide range of menus and imaginative buffets for hotel guests at our restaurant.

Charmingly traditional.

Our Blockhütte is the place to meet for a hearty snack or for coffee and cake.