Our environment.

As a traditional company that exists for 225 years and eight generations, it is very important to live in harmony with our environment, to act as sustainable as possible and to take on social responsibility. For this reason, we have taken various measures that we would like to present on this page.

In the middle of the forest...

The National Park is only a stone's throw away from the hotel. Tonbach is national known for the fine and fresh air, which is awarded with the title "especially valuable".

In the middle of the forest...

Energy from heat.

With our block-type thermal power station it is possible for us to budget energy neutral. Thereby we supply an important contribution for our environment.


Energy from heat.

There is nothing good...

...unless you do it. And for this reason we try to make a difference in the social sector.

There is nothing good...

DEHOGA Environment-Award in Gold

Hotel Traube Tonbach participated successfully in the environmental check for the hotel and restaurant industry in the areas energy/climate, water, waste and groceries/purchase of regional products. The prize is awarded by the DEHOGA, which is a German association for hotels and restaurants. The DEHOGA is also responsible for the classifications of hotels in Germany. 

The “DEHOGA Environment-Award” is the continuation of an energy campaign initiated together with the Federal Environment Ministry in 2006. Meanwhile almost 6,000 restaurants and hotels have participated.  The „DEHOGA Environment-Check“ is not just inudstry-relevant and practical, it also allows to compare the participating companies in a fair and transparent manner. 

DEHOGA Umwelt-Check_E

The block-type thermal power station <BTTP>

Since November 2009, the block-type thermal power station BTTP is in service. Therwith the Traube Tonbach makes an important contribution to the climate protection and the energy efficiency. The BTTP has two modules with a power generation of 434 kilowatt and further 770 kilowatt waste heat recovery which can be used to provide hot water. The construction generated 2.9 million kilowatt-hours of electricity and 4.1 million kilowatt-hours of heat per year, which covered about 75 % of the power requirement needs in the hotel. The CO2 emissions are reduced about 1,400,000 kilograms per year compared to a conventional power generation. The employee accommodation is also connected to BTTP since the end of the year 2013.



The natural roof.

In 2012 our house „Kohlwald“ was completely renovated. There used be 41 double- and single rooms and now there are 23 generous apartments with an unique view into the nature. The roof is inspiried in a new and natural way. This natural house top is the home and living environment for different insects, which are very important for our ecosystem. Furthermore the house top acts as a cleaner for the rain water and with it the waste water is balanced.


Social commitment.

The Traube Tonbach is a family business, which constantly employees a lot of (currently about 320) staff. So we not only have to bear a big responsability, we must also be a guide, especially in our region. In addition it is very important for us to make a difference and share our success. Therefore we are socially involved in different fields and try our best to support different people. The projects are all characterized by the fact, that they take place in the region and / or that children are the focus. 

For our social commitment, we received a certificate of the middle-class-award for Social Responsibility in Baden-Württemberg - Performance - Engagement – Admission. This is a cooperation project of Caritas and the Ministry of Finance and Economic in Baden-Württemberg.