Stress-free shopping - a great way to relax.

You finally have some time to shop for a new outfit? Are you looking for a truly original gift or fashionable accessory? We're confident that you'll find something perfect in our shopping arcade.

Shop to your heart's content.

You'll find what you're looking for in our shopping arcade: exclusive designer fashion, accessories, yoga apparel and cosmetics.

Shop to your heart's content.

A brilliant shopping experience awaits.

Exclusive jewellery designers and renowned watchmakers.

A brilliant shopping experience awaits.

Our shopping arcade awaits with exclusive specialties.

Get great fashion advice and even try out a new look, all within the pleasant atmosphere of the shop. In our exquisite "Traube Lädle" shop, you can find a large selection of German and international daily newspapers and magazines as well as enjoyable holiday reading materials, Black Forest and Traube specialities, living and cooking accessories from Lambert or Laguiole, and exclusive children’s fashion – for example from Bóboli.

Delicacies from Traube Tonbach are available in our "Genuss seit 1789" line of products. Developed by Matthias Finkbeiner in collaboration with kitchen director Jürgen Reidt, these exclusive aromas, sauces and stocks honour the culinary diversity of our hotel. They are ideal for people who enjoy cooking and want to boost their creativity in the kitchen. Tea master Björn Deinert created an edition of exclusive Traube Tonbach teas. The collection also includes exquisite chocolates and fine spices. You can order all products online or purchase them at Traube Lädle.

In our jewellery shop we offer selected collections of renowned jewellery and watch designers, including the simple and elegant line of watches from Scheffel. Featuring a streamlined, timeless design, these impressive pieces reveal the watchmaker's love of unusual and priceless materials. Scheffel works with top-grade white, red, rosé and yellow 18-carat gold as well as surprising materials, such as Corian, elforyn (ivory substitute) and fine woods, combining them with diamonds, pearls and precious stones to create unique and beautiful objects. We also sell elegant jewellery designed by Jochen Pohl as well as the finest chronographs from Maurice Lacroix and other exclusive brands. We look forward to your visit.

You can find exclusive designer fashions and elegant accessories for women in the "La Doina" boutique.

People who want high-quality cosmetics or beachwear and yoga clothing can ask at the SPA & RESORT.

Visit also our Online-Shop.


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