Our sports and exercise instructors offer a wide variety of activities for your health, fitness, relaxation and conditioning - all while having a great time.

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Learn how to use gentle self-hypnotic visualisations to influence your physical well-being, reduce stress and let go of everyday stress.

An intense 30-minute workout focused on strengthening and shaping the abdominal muscles.

Don't give your problem zones a chance. This hour features exercises with and without additional equipment designed to reduce fat and tone the body.

Body toning is a comprehensive and dynamic exercise programme that stabilises the muscles for a leaner, more attractive silhouette.

Comfortable, fast and elegant – Kalkhoff's e-bikes are the ideal combination of riding pleasure, mobility and convenience. Once you start off on the Pedelec models, powerful yet discreet electric engines support your forward motion. You can even tackle distances you would normally drive by car. Look forward to hills and valleys, and enjoy this new, easy style of cycling.

Experience winter in the northern Black Forest as you cross forests and meadows. Traditional snowshoeing is a great activity that brings generations together. The technique doesn't require any real training – if you can walk, you can snowshoe. Just 15 cm of snow cover is enough, and there is no limit to the amount of snow that can be on the ground. It is possible to walk through practically all types of snow, from the most powdery to icy, hard surfaces. Nordic snowshoeing is becoming increasingly popular among Nordic walkers, as it allows them to continue their training all year round.

Cross-country skiing is one of the world's healthiest sports. Experience the joy of this winter sport with Birgit Frey, our expert cross-country skier. The focus is on enjoying nature while doing healthy, active exercise, not on the perfect technique. The Nordic cruising ski – a short, wide ski ideal for the trails and untracked terrain – is an experience everyone will love.

A height-adjustable platform is the training equipment used during an hour of step aerobics. Originally designed as physical therapy for knee injuries, step aerobics is a fun exercise trend that trains the cardiovascular system while promoting coordination. It is also highly effective in strengthening the legs and glutes.

Stretching is designed to promote and improve flexibility and agility. Regular stretching helps reduce tension, prevent posture issues or correct injuries due to already weakened muscles. Stretching is an essential for all types of sports.

Tai-Bo stands for Tae Kwon Do and boxing. This unique training programme combines these disciplines with aerobics. It is designed for people looking for a special "kick" in their workouts and want to see dramatic results in a short time. Tai-Bo is a good choice for people who want to improve their conditioning, burn fat and improve muscle tone.

Today, more and more people suffer from back issues. Many of these result from poor posture and improper seating. Our targeted back-strengthening exercises can help to relieve these issues – the ideal regimen for anyone with existing back issues or people who want to prevent them.

Due to the buoyancy of the water, these power and conditioning exercises protect the joints, veins and back while strengthening the muscles and cardiovascular system. Water aerobics is always a refreshing experience – with or without props, such as the noodles or aqua weights.

The XCO-TRAINER® is a container of slate granules. This prop is used in exercises that target and tone specific areas of the body while activating and training additional muscle groups and connective tissue.

XCO-TRAINERS® are used to intensify the arm work involved in walking while activating and training additional muscle groups and connective tissue.

Our yoga classes emphasise awareness of one's body and the benefits of relaxation. The holistic and meditative exercise programme is designed in line with the individual needs of the class participants. The classic Hatha, Vinyasa and Flow asanas are supplemented by breathing and relaxation exercises.