Crazy about fasching (carnival)

09 - 13 February 2018

Join us for the biggest party of the year. Our (in)famous Tonbach Fasnet celebration starts on Fasnet Friday and ends Ash Wednesday. The witches dance, there is a crazy buffet, a fantastic “Schudi” evening at the Blockhütte, a trip to see the Alemannic carnival procession, and much more. The unforgettable highlight of this wild week is Rose Monday, when the party is everywhere – even Silberberg restaurant. We hold a huge Rose Monday Ball with the Peter Thiebes Live Band, and present a prize to the person with the best costume – so don’t forget your fancy dress outfit when you pack your suitcase. The theme for this year’s hotel party: “Welcoming the world to Tonbach Valley”. We’re looking forward to loads of fun with creative outfits – the more colourful, the better. Of course, we can’t forget the “fool”. We’ll welcome him to Tonbach Valley to start the celebration, and burn him in effigy on Tuesday evening to bring the festivities to a close.