A fine balance of strengths.

Traube invites everyone who wants more energy, harmony and beauty in their lives to try yoga.

A fine balance of strengths.

Start the day with yoga.

Our experienced yoga instructors Sabine Broghammer, Dagmar Buhler and Karina Wagner will take you on a fascinating journey to absolute well-being. 

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Start the day with yoga.

Do you want to be more flexible? Reduce stress? Radiate natural beauty? Then come to yoga.

It is your time. Turn it into unforgettable experience.

During the year 2018 we will offer several times very special Yoga weeks with our experienced teachers Iris Mahler, Sabine Broghammer and Dagmar Buhler.

Our yoga weeks always start on Monday, which is why we recommend that you arrive on Sunday. On Sunday evening, we host a “get-together aperitif” to get to know each other and introduce the week’s activities.  The participation in the Yoga lessons is free of charge for you, as a guest of the hotel.


Our summer yoga weeks are the ideal opportunity for anyone who would like to learn more about yoga. Dagmar Buhler invites beginners to become familiar with the most important fundamentals, basic asanas, as well as breathing and relaxation exercises in a relaxed environment. The focus is on achieving strength, stability and balance.

DATES: 25th June to 30th June | 20th to 25th August


The human mind continuously evolves over time, while the body in its original form gradually breaks down. This discrepancy, combined with psychological strains and stress, frequently manifests itself in one’s own posture. This is where “bodyART meets Pilates” comes into the picture. Pilates primarily targets the deep, small, and often weaker muscle groups while strengthening our “powerhouse”. bodyART integrates active and passive movements as well as elements of tension and relaxation in a dynamic way. All exercises work together to improve people’s strength, flexibility, heart, circulation and breathing. We start with the basics of Pilates training on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will combine this with the holistic approach of bodyART training. Classes are held from Monday to Saturday, 8.45 to 9.45 a.m., and 4.00 to 5.30 p.m.

DATES: 8th January to 13th January | 5th March to 10th March | 7th May to 12th May | 24th to 29th September | 26th November to 1st December


Find new strength, invigorate the heart and mind, activate your heart chakra, find happiness and serenity – yoga courses with Sabine Broghammer combine all of these qualities into a profound, beautiful experience. You will feel relaxed and fit after just one course, ready to meet the challenges of your life with new energy.

We use the purity of the early morning to start the day in quiet mindfulness. The meditation, breathing techniques and asanas (physical exercises). Monday to Thursday, 8.15 a.m. to 9.30 a.m.

Each day features a new combination of different yoga styles, from Hatha to Kundalini yoga. Powerful, dynamic, slow, gentle, intensive and effective. Monday to Wednesday, 4.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Tibetan heart yoga
Targeted breathing and physical exercises open internal blockages, allowing your vital energy to flow freely. Thursday 12.00 p.m. to 1.00 p.m.

DATES: 22nd to 25th January | 16th to 19th April | 23th to 26th July | 10th to 13th September | 5th to 8th November | 10th to 13th December


Dagmar Buhler combines dynamic power yoga with the conscious quality of Vinyasa Flow. Each day starts with a gentle morning session. The afternoon hour focuses on powerful dynamic sequences. This week is designed to help both beginners and advanced students intensify their practice starting at their current level of ability. Dagmar Buhler’s yoga classes explore the joy of movement, lightness, and noticeable improvements in well-being. This empathetic yoga instructor shows how a regular practice can help us shape our everyday lives in a more conscious, relaxed way. While living in Southeast Asia for many years, Dagmar Buhler has expanded and intensified her own yoga practice with renowned yoga masters in the region.

DATES: 5th to 8th February | 14th to 18th May | 15th to 20th October